history of development

GOAL – strict quality control of delivered on the market products.

Founding of the company and opening of the first office in Russia, renting 1000 m2 of low-temperature storage facilities.

2008 y.
2009 y.

GOALto introduce new player to the market, attracting reliable partners for long term perspective.

Involving the best specialists to the team from other Russian cities - Moscow, Samara, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, with experience in the fish business not less than 7 years..


GOAL – after evaluating the quality of the extracting companies and understanding the needs of partners, minimize the cost of the product for more attractive of TH KAIROS in the fishing business..

Concluding direct contracts with all large Russian Atlantic Fleets: FOR, Vestrybflot, Karelrybflot, MTF, Carat, Iceberg-Nord, ATF, MurmanSeaFood, Nord-Pilgrim. Total turnover of the year - more than 8 000 tonnes of fish..

2010 y.
2011 y.

GOAL INCREASING THE PART OF TH KAIROS in the Russian market fresh-frozen products.

Opening branches in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Deliver of frozen fish to more than 50 REGIONS OF RUSSIA..


GOAL – remove all redundant that could hinder the development of the company and avoid stagnation. Restructure of the company, reducing costs.

Restructure of the company, reducing costs. Enhancing the professionalism of staff and the quality of customer service.

2012 y.
2013 y.

GOAL – create a business with partners at "transparency" CONDITIONS and mutual trust..

Implementation of new software for improving the quality of interaction with partners: we evaluated our capabilities in more than 30 indicators and saw serious prospects for the development and implementation of common projects.


GOAL – create RepresentationS in strategically important cities of RUSSIA and bring to market new trading brand "gold reserves".

Opening regional representations in the following cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, NOVOSIBIRSK.

2014 y.
2015 y.

GOAL – development of new wholesale directions for selling fresh-frozen meat and poultry.

Launch of the modern low-temperature AUTOMATED LOGISTICS CENTER for 6000 tonnes in Kazan

why choose us

WE GUARANTEE the best price for goods

We often TRADe BY fleets PRICEs, because we buy 300-600 tonnes of products each approach.


You don’t have to search and check the carrier companies; every consignment is insured by us. You just accept goods with quality and quantity in the warehouse.

Our managers take responsibility and resolve issues HERE AND NOW

Openness, both inside the company, as well as in the environment allows them to save time and not to reconcile deals with ten bosses. Working with you, we take maximum flexible and operational decisions..

We deliver to you not only goods, but also all the information about it

We are loyal and are willing to show our EARNINGS

After receiving your approval, we sign the specification, which indicate conditions of the deal, terms of delivery and payment for goods.

WE ARE in touch for 24 HOURS!

After the concluding the delivery contracts, we always inform about the location of your cargo – for efficiency we have implemented the CRM system. We take every complaint and answer them during the day, according to the developed internal rules.

We begin SALE ONLY IN THE PRESENCE OF CONTRACT from extracting company for the certain amount

We always conduct MARKETS MONITORING, tracking quotas for Russian fleets goods and volume of foreign partners extracting. We are always interested in needs and opportunities exactly of your local market, before the agreed delivery volume.

We protect your privacy and don’t disclose DATA WITHOUT YOUR agreement

We monitor more than 20 companies-distributors DAILY, INFORM ABOUT ALL CHANGES IN THE MARKET. OUR subscribed CLIENT BASE – is more than 1000 e-mail addresses NATIONWIDE.

We provide storage of Your goods at the lowest prices, placing the fish only in new refrigerators in St. Petersburg and Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Moscow.
WE deliver goods to your warehouse at the best rates in the shortest possible time. We insure your cargo compulsory; all goods are moving only by proven road and railway transport.
We work only with reliable transport companies with guarantees for damages; we have transported and delivered more than 30 000 tonnes of your cargo for 6 years, always delivering goods safe and sound.
Our warehouse
Modern low-temperature automated logistics center. Guaranteed storage -25C. Total capacity of the cold storage facility - 6212 pallets. Logistic complex was built by the German company SSI SCHAEFER NOELL and consists of 2 blocks for storage of products with temp. regime to -25C. Fully automated and serviced by machinery of Japanese company MAYEKAWA MFG. Warehouse complex was launched in 2013 y.
Block 1 (low) - is divided into three chambers.

Two non automated chambers have capacity of 250 pallets, each with temperature control from plus 25° C to minus 18° C. These chambers can be used as defrost chambers, freezing or repacking goods. Third zone of the expedition and completion cargoes with temperature regime from plus 25 ° C to minus 18 ° C and area of 1200 sq. m.
Block 2 (high) – monocab chamber of automated storage products with temperature control from minus 25° C to plus 25° C, served by two machines cranes SSI SCHAEFER company's production is divided into zones:

- zone №1 for 2856 pallets;
- zone №2 for 2856 pallets.

The total capacity of the chamber – 5712 pallets.
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